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ECC3 Flowcharts
Flowcharts of the ECC3 Reference Draft B with revisions to 07_Feb_05 comprise a total of some 115 chart pages. This download now includes the flowcharts for Option W1 and W2.

They are available in three formats

  • EPS Encapusulated Postscript for high-quality printing
  • PDF Adobe Portable Document Format for printing and
    viewing with Adobe Acrobat
  • GIF Graphics Interchange Format for viewing with a web
As you will see, the charts have been drawn with
  • a surrounding frame
  • page numbering starting at 3 (as per FC2)
  • left- and right-hand page headings and guttering
  • colored boxes
  • a temporary copyright notice.
All of these features are selected via switches in our Drawchart
program and can be quickly changed as TT requires.

Overall, our aim has been to interpret the Contract as clearly and
as simply as possible. We are particularly proud that there are no
"crossovers" in any of the logic linking lines.

The download format has been modified so that just one PDF file contains all the charts.

  • For a printout of all the flowcharts, simply print the file.
  • For one particular flowchart, select it in Adobe Acrobat.
  • For viewing onscreen, click the rotate clockwise button
    in Adobe Acrobat and select 100% magnification.

The following downloads are available:

fc3_rdb_bw_01mar05.pdf All charts in b&w (0.8Mb)
fc3_rdb_color_01mar05.pdf All charts in color (0.8Mb)
fc3_rdb_up_bw_01mar05.pdf Updates since 2/22 (95kb)
fc3_rdb_up_color_01mar05.pdf Updates since 2/22 (95kb)
Any questions, email me at john.s.gillespie@verizon.net
Detail from Telford's Works