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Thomas Telford  1757-1834  First President ICE
Thomas Telford's Book of his Works illustrates many of his projects which included canals, docks and bridges.
As well as the works themselves, Telford also designed the equipment needed such as cranes, bogies and tools.
The 'Gillespie' copy of the Works was originally owned by Thomas Rhodes who was Telford's assistant on the construction of the Caledonian Canal, the Menai Bridge and St. Katherine's Dock. The book was passed to Eustace W. Porter, Engineer and Manager of the Caledonian Canal, and subsequently to Raymond Porter, his son, one time Chief Engineer to the Tyne Improvement Commission. In turn, he passed it on to John H.H. Gillespie, his successor at the Port of Tyne.
Another copy of the Telford's Book of Works is held by the ICE and one was on display in the British Waterways Museum at Stoke Bruerne.
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